Use Zero Cash Receipt to clear offsetting balances on diff Cust acco

We are using Epicor 10.0.700 and have had a few instances where our account relationships have not been set up correctly,(so I've been told is the problem), and have ended up with a debit note applied on one account, with the offsetting credit memo on another unrelated (in Epicor) account.  I am looking for an easy process to match the two amounts up against each other and then clear them off the aging.  I am used to a zero cash application in our past system, posting a positive and negative cash receipt to the two accounts, which would net to a zero cash receipt.  And then within the customer, match the two transactions against each other, which in Epicor terms is using the "Apply Credit" feature.

The only resolution I am aware of is to create a Misc Invoice and Misc Credit coded to the same GL and post these to the appropriate account.

I would appreciate knowing how this situation is handled by others.