User Defined Fields CheckBox01

Hi All
Newbie user on cloud. We require a user-defined checkbox field on Part. When I enter the UD Column Maintenance there is an existing Part_UD table with 38 columns, we did not create these although our implementation partner may have. The first 10 are character fields (character01, etc) and the next 5 are checkboxes then two date columns and so forth. Can I utilize one of these? or are they set aside by Epicor for future use if so I will need to create a new column to hold my specific data. There is currently no data in any of the 38 columns and they all have generic titles.
Thanks in advance

Your safest option would be to create your own column.

It may have no data but it might used elsewhere that you’re not aware of.

By creating your own column you can set the correct data type for your needs. It doesn’t take long but be aware that you will need to run “Regenerate Data Model and Reset App Servers” I’m not sure how that works with Hosted E10 (don’t do it on production until you’re ready to transfer your customisation.)