User provisioning

Has anyone created a customization that allows a person to create and disable users with out assigning them Security Manager privileges?

You could potentially do this through the Epicor admin console to import users from AD if you use that type of authentication.

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That would be a great way to provision/de-provision user accounts. In addition I am looking to move the assigning of roles / functions (i.e. Shipping, Parables, etc.) via a Help Desk employee. But I don’t want to give them the Security Manager privileges which are currently required as part of the User Maintenance form.

Thanks for the input Jeff!

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Create “user templates” in epicor as a sys admin (just an inactive user with appropriate groups assigned), than mandate to your help desk peeps in an SOP that they assign the appropriate user account template to the user being created via AD import. :wink:

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You can also copy existing users through the Admin console as well.