UserFile UD Field

I am trying to add a UD Field to the UserFile table. Now, I know there are two “UserFile” tables – Ice.SysUserFile and Erp.UserFile. When I add the UD Field, it only adds it to the Erp.UserFile and creates a table – Erp.UserFile_UD. Where I am really running into issues is trying to add this UD Field to the User Maintenance UI. Everything on that UI seems tied to the Ice.SysUserFile table. Epicor seems to update the other table (Erp.UserFile) behind the scenes on Save.

Any idea on how to show this UD Field on the UI and let me save it when the screen saves?

I have tried these things as a workaround:

  • Add a foreign key view, but I am unable to use the foreign key on UserId. Only like Language or something which I think is odd
  • Manually set the value in the customization code but I get this error after ONLY setting my UD field – You are not allowed to modify payroll manager privileges.

You should create the UD table against the SysUserFile table in the Ice schema as shown below. That field will then be available to bind in your customization.

Doh! I kept searching for just UserFile and assumed SysUserFile would show up. Stupid me. Thanks!