Using CheckECORevApproved and ChangeECORevApproved

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I am working on an updatable BAQ that will change Resource Group IDs for Parts. I already used a ton of help from this group to get this working for the open jobs. Now I am working in the Engineering Workbench, trying to update the master parts. See this related post for reference:

Back to the task at hand. When I try to use the engineering workbench methods CheckECORevApproved, and ChangeECORevApproved, I get an error: “ECORev has not changed.”

Below I have clipped some of the variations that I have tried.

The UpdateTableByQuery does this:

Can anyone tell me what the proper way is to utilize these methods in a BPM?

The traces I ran all seem to indicate only these methods:

My goal is to take a part/rev that has been checked out into my temporary group, unapprove the part/rev so that changes can be made, make the requested change*, then reapprove the part and check it back in.
*I will be changing the ResourceGroupID for specific operations in the selected part/rev.

Thanks for your time!

As a very general idea, when you are modding those records, are you also setting RowMod = “U”?

Yes, in the examples when I include the UpdateTableByQuery widget, the RowMod = “U” is part of it. The problem is that the execution never gets that far. Anytime I have a Check- or Change- ECORevApproved, I get the error.

In at least one case I put the updatetablebyquery widget before the problem methods. This didn’t help. The query worked by updating the values in the dataset, but updating the DS does not execute the check/change methods, so I really need to run those methods somehow.

Is there anyplace that details how to implement specific BO methods? I can’t find any way that those methods do not return an error. I am sure there is some underlying field that needs to be changed or something before I can execute those methods.

So I set the rowmod first, then ran the methods. It worked! In the end this is all I did:

Thank you!!!

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Many methods requiring a RowMod, will actually clear the RowMod after they run. You have to watch Epicor, they’re sneaky