Using Epicor MFG Wireless Warehouse handheld device to print Issue Material Labels?

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone has experience setting up Honeywell handheld scannable phones to print off labels using the Epicor MFG Wireless Warehouse app? We specifically were wanting to print off issue material labels to our network Zebra printers around the shop. These handhelds are connected to the same network as the printers, but i dont see any area to add printers or anything like that?
Sorry if this is confusing, its all new to me at this point! Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!

The official Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse guide doesn’t show how to config a printer on the device, that’s reason I sopouse that printer options are managed on the server side truogth SSRS Routing options or Bartender.

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You are spot on. We are working through this now. As far as printing, you can use ssrs forms, bartender labels, or create BPMs to export a data file for bartender to pickup.

If you are printing through Epicor, you can use workstations to drive a default printer.

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This is the route we’ve taken. Very nice as we can control the labels to print via the BPM…

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@victorcarabez @Doug.C
thanks for the responses! Where at in epicor would i set a default printer for these handheld devices? I’ve already got our ssrs form taken care of, but where would i set/configure which handheld prints to what printer? Does that make sense?

I’m not really sure, I’d have to look into it. For the bartender side, I just use the default printer for the user (not the Employee) that signs into the device. Maybe the same could be used for the SSRS side.

Thats what i would think. So under User, i could set their default SSRS printer then?

You would define the default workstation for the user. In that, you would have the default printer for that workstation.

Thanks! So where at in Epicor do you define a default workstation?

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Hey there, sorry to bring this up again, but Is the printer settings set up in the Workstation menu? It looks like this is for shipping, but is this where i should be configuring this?

Search for Printer Maintenance…