Using Fulfillment Workbench to allocate the difference instead of deleting Material Queue

When we use fulfillment workbench to pick parts, it generates a material queue record for what is currently available. If that amount does not meet the full amount for that line, we do ship it.

Sometimes we receive more of that part in stock before it is picked. If the inventory clerk runs allocations again it will delete the first material queue record and generate a new one for the original amount plus any or all of the rest of the amount needed.

My question is, can FWB generate a difference queue record rather than deleting the first one?

When we use FFWB, our team doesn’t recall the original material queue record and just allocates the balance and it creates another transaction. We sometimes get feedback from the picking person that they would rather not see both transactions, one for the originally allocated amount and then for the balance. I’d suggest trying it out in your testing environment and see if you get the result that you are looking for.

When our items are in picking, creating a new pick removes the original material queue record and creates a new one. We’re trying out cross docking on the allocation template. I’ve created a BPM that marks the material queue with a custom field so the warehouse knows the new material queue record is a cross dock record.

We’re just testing right now, seeing how it works with job allocations, and how priorities work.