Using Quote module with material price breaks

We are starting to use the quote module and are either Getting Details or building the MOM. Many of our quotes are done with multiple lower level material price breaks. Is there a way to incorporate these price breaks into the quoted price breaks? Has anyone run into this issue?

Had a client who looked into this a year or so ago. They determined this would be a customization but did not go any further with it.


the building a MOM operations based off cost with a total markup - on the woksheet tab. So your issue really has a few solutions:
1 - do you want to discount the Cost at specific components based on the quantity?
2 - or do you want to Ignore the markup functionality that is out of the box and then use a customer price list, thus ignoring the costing and out of the box pricing function?
3 - combination of 1 and 2 based on which prices get quantity break discounts
And I am sure you can be creative enough to come up with other unique ways to price…Sales always does.

Whichever your answer, you’ll need some coding on the screen, or bpms to set and fetch field values.
I would recommend starting with a strong requirements document and pricing flow chart to be sure you capture all requirements before you start to develop a solution.

This one can get out of hand pretty quickly.