Using Remote App for E10

We are using an Android tablet for our material handlers. We want to use Remote Desktop for the Remote App. We shared the software but we receive an error:

Could not find file:

We need the path to point to our on-prem:
C:\Epicor\ERP10.2Client\Client\Epicor.exe /config=EpicorERPTest.sysconfig


Just change your shortcut properties. Add the needed /config =yadada at the end of Target (note i use -config, same thing)


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Where is this?

Ah, I see, you arent using RDP (a desktop) you are actually using remote app. @tfenwick11 take it away

See #5

(update - actually looks like if you just have your shortcut on server setup properly, you can publish that)

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Our IT department has been utilizing “Work Resources” with our E10 software and its been extremely helpful when its come to upgrades as our Group Policy handles all of the permissions as to which users get shortcuts for certain apps of E10.

Could you provide a short outline of how you setup your work resources? I can see if I can rope in our main guy regarding our setup to help out.

Hi Tyler.
What are work resources? We are implementing e10 so we don’t have some information.

Finally got into my E10 help account.

Mike was asking this question for me.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. I created the RD Server, and have published Epicor as a software for RemoteApp. I installed Remote Desktop app on the tablet, and confirm that it appears on the Apps tab for the Remote Desktop app. I was looking at the instructions on changing the program target, but I neglected to add that we are using WinServ 2016. The instructions were for 2008, and I’m unable to make the changes anyway.

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@bderuvo when you get a free moment.

Can you publish the shortcut instead of the exe file?

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Thought of that, and I wasn’t able to do that. I get this error:

Ok, it didn’t post what it was supposed to.


That was my bad.

Just trying to continue to try and get this working. How are other people using Android tablets? Are they just remote desktop-ing it?

I can’t. That would have been a simple solution. That area is greyed out. I don’t know how to make that editable.