Using the Epicor REST API to create customers

I’m trying to create a customer using the Epicor REST API. I’m using the “Erp.BO.CustomerSvc” service to create the customer.
But i’m getting this error about “A valid Name is required”.

    "HttpStatus": 400,
    "ReasonPhrase": "REST API Exception",
    "ErrorMessage": "A valid Name is required",
    "ErrorType": "Ice.Common.BusinessObjectException",
    "ErrorDetails": [
            "Message": "A valid Name is required",
            "Type": "Error",
            "Table": "Customer",
            "Program": "Epicor.RESTApi.Common.dll",
            "Method": "ThrowUpdateExtException",
            "ColumnNumber": 17,
            "LineNumber": 27

Below is my payload.

    "Name": "MIKE GATTUSO",
    "Address1":"26 gate, unit 4",
    "BTAddress1":"26 gate, unit 4",
    "TermsCode": "N0",
    "Country": "CA",
    "CountryNum": 35,
    "Zip":"K2E 7T7"  

What Endpoint are you using?


This is the endpoint…

Ok I got it!
You need to pass BTName as well. Like that:


it worked. Thank you @stoyanlevakov