V 8.00.812A upgrade -Record is being modified by another, also sessi

We are in the middle of this issue- the problem is pervasive in all modules . I've done the dump & load on our test databases and it seems to have fixed the issue. What a painful and tedious way to fix .
The process takes a minimum of 3 hours-more if your database is larger. I'm doing my first production run this afternoon.
We are also seeing another bizarre issue with Vantage user session logins/MES user clock-ins/clock-outs as well. User sessions are getting hung (I have to go into Maintain sessions in Admin and kill them there) and since I've disabled multiple sessions for most users, it prevents them from logging/clocking in again. Sometimes MES users are prevented from clocking out for the same reason.
so on a whim I tried disabling my multiple sessions and strangely, I could still log in multiple times- its almost as though its forgotten how to maintain sessions-this has got to be a Progress/java issue since the DB login and session authentication occurs first...ItÂ’s a head-scratcher-I've got an open case with Vantage and they don't ahve any answers either after doing a WebEx with me to monitor all the settings. This is new behavior for us since the 812 upgrade.
I am simply appalled at how such a seemingly small patch upgrade could create so many issues that Epicor didn't even forewarn on. They are keeping this off the radar for some reason. They've enforced a new optimistic record level locking from this patch going forward.

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