V6.1 Preliminary Install


I am planning on doing a prelininary install of Vantage 6.1 on my
production (6.0) server this saturday. (migrating 4.15.05)
I want to get a jump on some of the progress scripts, and RB
modifications, and Crystal Report changes.
I will be mapping a new drive (v) for 6.1 but will be using my 6.0 (y)
progress shared drive.
I will be installing 6.1 (epicor/mfgsys61) to my epicor directory where
my 6.0 (epicor/mfgsys60) directory lives.
I would also like to configure the progress explorer for 6.1 while I'm
at it.
So, I will be using my production 6.0 system for another two weeks.
All of the above to ask this question: Are there any problems in doing
a pre-install? Also, can I begin installing the
6.1 clients, and still use the 6.0 system?

Because this install is different from any I've previously performed, I
wanted to check.

very kind regards,

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