V8 Combo Box setup help

I am trying to add a Customer.Character01 field to a Vista 8 system and I would like to use a dropdown combo box to show a list of SalesReps (Ideally filtered by a specific Role Code).

I first tried using a Retriever - which works except I could not see how to filter by RoleCode using the Retriever.

So next I thought I would try a ComboBox - I ended up copying the settings from the existing Salesperson dropdown to a new Combo Box control and bound it to Customer.Character01 - and it kind of works. When I call up a customer both controls show the same salesperson name. They appear to be in Sync even though one is bound to Customer.Character01.

Need to use the EPIfilters properties in the new control. Don’t recall exactly what you need to do. But search here for EpiFilters

Mr. Calvin: Thank you for the suggestion. I actually found the filter part.

However, what is happening now is that my new dropdown that is bound to Customer.Character01 seems to be in sync with the Epicor field SalesPerson. Whenever I update my new control to Person1 the Epicor SalesPerson field also changes to Person1.

The bindings are different - but the controls appear to be connected.

Any ideas?


Have you already tried changing the DescColumnName for your custom EpiCombo?
e.g. ShortChar01 (if it isn’t already in use)?