Value of a PartDtl transaction- File\Field?

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RE: Value of a PartDtl transaction- File\Field?

I recently discovered the PartDtl file which is, sort
of, the time-phase screen records minus MRP suggestions\Plans.

I am trying to use the PartDtl file to get a "Value-of-Demand-By-Month".
The PartDtl record does not have a dollar value field. Is there another
FILE that I could link to get the value of the transaction, Or do I
have to link to a couple of files. I cannot use Ave(or Last)-cost
because some transactions are just the PO-sub value or Issued-Parts

I also need to figure out which to include. There are fields for:
InvTrans-Y-N, Requirement-Flag-Y-N, Type-Mtl-Sub, and
Source(several codes).

I think I will end up just using JobMtl, PoDTl, etc if PartDtl does not
have a child file that is the value.



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