Value Stream Scheduling?

I’ve been asked to research something I’ve never heard of in Epicor. We’re wanting to move to a more value-stream production model. Specific products go through specific parts of manufacturing. Very little cross-production in the machines we’re using.

The thought was brought up that we could change the way we schedule. In each value stream, the final operation is Assembly. They would like to have a way to schedule according to the number of pieces we could produce in a single day; ie: Desk Value Stream = 5 pieces/day, Lockers Value Stream = 10 pieces/day, etc…

Is there a way to schedule according to pieces rather than hours in Epicor?

Not 100% sure if this is available in Vantage 8, but the answer would be Daily Product Capacity defined on the resource. You can define how many parts a resource can work on in a given day.

You would then define the capacity consumption for the part on the scheduling resource in the job/rev (Probably 1)

Thank you so much. I missed this while looking through the modules. This could help us in moving forward in this kind of setup.