Vantage 4.0: 1Question for Payroll users

We use a separate pay type for taxable deductions... example would be
insurance for officers of the company. You then set up a deduction for the
same payment. Then you pay them the amount of the benefit which then gets
taxed... and you deduct the same amount as a deduction. Example: I pay
$1000 per year on your behalf for insurance so I put this on your last check
of the year. Then I deduct $1000 on the same check. You are taxed on the
$1000 and it appears on your W-2 and the accounts are automatically debited
and credited for you. Hope this helps!
1. How do you manage tracking of wages paid to an individual by a 3rd party sick pay, ie disability payments?
2. How do you manage a taxable fringe benefit such as a car allowance?

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