Vantage 4.0 receiving a job into another

That sound like a great idea for engineering. We do not have engineering
here but we do sometimes move parts from one job to another job. We do not
use this feature because of one reason. When you move the parts to another
job it does not complete the material requirement. The only way I have been
able to complete the issue is through "Issues to MFG". It confuses people
on the floor when the material requirement keeps show as not complete in the

Kathy Hambleton
Electron Energy Corporation

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One of the new features of 4.0 is the ability to receive a job as a
part into another Vantage job. When we heard about the feature, we thought
it might make sense to set up our engineering as a part that had to be
received into our actual production job in order for that to proceed. That
way, we could schedule engineering as well as the production. In 3.0 we
treated engineering as an assembly, which was lousy for scheduling purposes
since Vantage schedules all assemblies to wrap up on the due date (in our
case, engineering had to be finished well before anything else started).
Is anyone using this feature of Vantage? If so, I'd like to hear
from you to discuss how it's working for you. Anyone else considering this

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