Vantage 5.1 on Progress 9.1d?

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience of running Vantage 5.1 using Progress 9.1d?

I have a server with Vantage versions 5.2 thru 6.1, all using Progress
9.1d as they should. I have now installed Vantage 5.1 on this server too
(it was shipped with progress 9.1c), but I don't want to have 2
different versions of Progress on the same machine if I can help it.

So far so good, the V5.1 db is seems to running happily with P9.1d, I
can login fine, reports are running fine. What I don't know is whether
or not there are Vantage processes that might choke or cause unexpected

Thanks very much for your time,

Andy Watts.
Andy Watts
IT Manager

Ripley Engineering Ltd
Tel: 01256-473940/464167

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