Vantage 5.2 - ODBC on Citrix Server

I have an access database that we run here locally. Works great. Now, I
want to share it with a couple of our remote users. I've tried having them
run it over the partial T1, but it is very slow. So, I've installed Access
on the Citrix server and configured ODBC. All seemed to go ok. I tried
running a couple of the reports, work great. Then, I tried running one and
I get the following error:

ODBC-Call Failed
Cursor Not opened (7511) (#-20040)

If I open the same report at the same time from my local workstation, I do
not get the error. I am so confused... In trying to investigate, I tried
opening each of the tables that the report was using and some opened fine,
but some (JobProd for example), when I try to view the linked table it
appears as "#deleted" in every field. Again, if I open this same table from
the same database on my local pc, it comes up fine.

Any advice would be great, I've been playing with this for so long and I
want to scream!

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