Vantage 6.0.529 Production Detail Report

We've just uncovered several problems with this report. Please be
aware of the following:

1. 1250139MPS: Vendor Debit Memos appear in the Detail but not in the
Report Total.

2. 903036PSC: Labor Operation 0 appears in the Detail but not in the
Report Total. And Labor Entry shouldn't even allow Operation 0 -- it
doesn't exist.

3. 903040PSC: Rounding Errors drive us nuts when the detail doesn't
match the Report totals!! Each transaction should stand alone without
being affected by others. The ROUND function must be used to exclude
rounding errors. If you run the Progress code below, you get two
different answers: c1: 2.47 c2: 2.46.

def var c1 as dec decimals 2 no-undo.
def var c2 like c1 no-undo.

c1 = 1.234 + 1.234.
c2 = round(1.234,2) + round(1.234,2)
. message c1 c2 view-as alert-box.