Vantage 6.1 | Count Entry Showing zero quantities

We are getting ready to do a full physical for one of our warehouses. We are using Test to try out the Count Entry process.
When we start the count it prompts if we want to Include Zero Quantities. We keep that box unchecked. We do not want zero quantities.
We have only noticed two parts that showed up that have zero quantities. Any idea as to why these parts may be showing up?

Look at the significant figures for those parts. It looks like that part is stocked in pounds and it may have less than ½ lb in stock so it is rounding down and showing 0. You should not see a Bin entry if it is truly 0 on hand for that location. It could also be a fractional negative qty.

You could also look at running database conversion 6430 Recalculate Part OnHand/Allocation.