Vantage 6.1 to 8.03

Have any of you found a way to run a Progress 9.1d report builder on an OE101 database? I think there was thread on this a while back, but I can't find it.


Paul Lipham
Alabama Specialty Products, Inc.

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We have uncovered what appears to be a bug in Vantage 6.1 which
remains in 8.03.404B.

You start with two separate lots of the same part, which is lot costed
and the two lots have different costs. Next you do an inventory
transfer between these two lots. The two STK-STK parttrans records
which are created are not balanced, in other words the costs coming
out of the first lot (qty *lot A's costs) are NOT equal to the costs
going into the second (qty * lot B's costs), further there is no
offsettiing adjustment, and the second lots' costs are not adjusted as
they would be if the parts arrived any other way. The difference
(qty*(Lot A's Costs - Lot B's Costs)) just goes into the ether.

Furthermore the only way we have found to correct this is to reverse
the transfer, and let the bug create equal and opposite unbalanced

Reported to support as Call #3417244, they duplicated it in 8.03.405
as well.

A Mercer Sisson
Systems Manager
Insaco Inc