Vantage 8.0 Op Master File Mystery Fields

I am trying to load some data into the opmaster file and having trouble
with two fields. In Vantage 8.0 if you go into Operation Maintenance
in the middle of the screen is a block called Primary Defaults. In
that block are the windows for Primary Production Operation Detail and
Primary Setup Operation Detail. Some of the operations have values
which show up in these windows and some do not. I use Progress to load
the values I want into the fields opmaster.primarysetupopdtl and
opmaster.primaryprodopdtl, but the data does not show up on the
Maintenance screen. When I use developer mode, it shows that those
windows bind to the fields opmaster.scrprimarysetupopdtl and
opmaster.scrprimaryprodopdtl. According to the data dictionary, those
fields do not exist.

Anyone know what else need to be loaded to get these fields to display
on the Operation Maintenance screen? Called support, but had to leave
a message. Any help is appreciated.