Vantage 8.00.810A REPORT DEFINITION Calculated Fields

I am attempting to modify our pick list form so that shipping personnel can use it to input shipping data into a dispirate shipping system.
I see in the Crystal field explorer that there are lots of fields called Calc...(Calc_MultiShipTo, etc.) and I know that I can define calculated fields in the report definition maint. However, for something with a field type of Yes/No, how does one tell the system what data is to be evaluated? Is there a definition of these calculable fields somewhere that I am missing?


To: vantage@yahoogroups.comFrom: debin07@...: Wed, 30 May 2007 16:04:25 +0000Subject: [Vantage] Prepaid vendor purchase orders

I am receiving invoices against a prepaid purchase order. The material has been received, but when I pull up Receipt billing line it shows me a variance for the entire amount of the invoice. The variance will not allow me to post the invoice.I posted the prepayment through the Add Advance Billing line in the AP Invoice Entry and referenced the purchase order as instructed. There is a debit to Prepaid purchase order and a Credit to AP in my GL.

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