Vantage 8.03 "Invalid Characters in Credit Card Number" when in Order Entry and I try to put a space in the number


We are using Vantage 8.03 and just recently started getting “Invalid Characters in Credit Card Number” when we try to put a space in the number. It used to work just fine. If we remove the spaces in the number then we can save the PO with no errors.

I’m concerned that we are starting to get data corruption. I’ve done dump/load rebuild and still have the error. I reloaded a clean backup and put in my current database and it’s still there. It’s almost like a setting got changed and it’s stored in the database.

The Details are:

Tepe: Error

Program: bo/SalesOrder.p

Method: validateCreditCardNum

Any thoughts?


what has changed since it stopped working? If you check the field input on the cc number field, is it alpha or does it accept only numbers? Just wondering…

Hi @JLundberg

Just out of curiosity, are these credit card numbers being copied from somewhere else and pasted into the Credit Card Number field? I know in the past we have had problems where our Order Entry people would copy data from Word or Email and paste the information into our Epicor database and it seemed to capture strange and weird formatting characters that you couldn’t see in the Epicor field itself but that showed as only white space. When you typed the data in manually or deleted the (what looked like) “white space” the problems and errors would go away. But the copying and pasting from some other program into Vantage/Epicor caused us errors and issues. Just wondering if that might be what is happening to you guys if it just suddenly started to be a problem…

I don’t know if this error is an actual built-in error message from Vantage but maybe a BPM got turned on accidentally and that’s what is causing you these problems suddenly?

I think this also applies to Vantage but if you enter a New Ticket in EpicHelp you can request a Data Scrub Utility Program that you can run against your database and it can find quite a lot of bad/corrupt data and clean it up for you. Of course, you would want to make sure you run the DSU off-hours if possible and apply the data fix programs that Epicor gives you in a Test environment First and make sure everything looks okay with the data that gets touched and the changes that get made. I am pretty sure it gives you a log of all the records that it will be changing.

Thanks for the reply. It was an over night problem. I got a call from
support that they could not put spaces in the CC number anymore. If they
take the spaces out then all is fine. Nothing else seems messed up. Is
there a way to see if the field got changed to numeric only?


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