Vantage 8.3 MES Screen

This applies to ver 8 platforms.

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07/06/2005 Version: 8.00.800
CUST How do you customize the main MES Menu and set to use it instead of

How do you customize the main MES Menu and set to use it instead of


1. Right-click on the shortcut for Vantage 8.0 MES.

2. Copy and paste the copy to the desktop.

3. Rename the copy to something like MES Developer.

4. Right-Click and choose Properties.

5. In the Target area, locate where it shows -MES and change it to

6. Click OK to save the changes.

7. Login to MES Developer.

8. Make your customizations and choose Save as

9. Give your customization a name (i.e CustomMES)

10. Save and close MES

11. Log into a your a regular 8.0 session

12. Go to System Management >> Utilites >> Sub Process Maintenance

13. Create a new menu ID and give it a name e.g UDMES1

14. Choose the security you want to apply to this option

15. Enter a parent process like PROCESS or MAINMENU

16. Enter a unique number for the sequence like 10, 15, 20, etc.

17. Under the Program section browse to or type in

18. Choose the Customization name you saved in steps 4/5 from the list

19. Save and close Sub Process Maintenance

20. Create a Process Calling using System Management >> Utilities >>
Process Calling Maintenance

21. Choose File >> New

22. Process Called Reference = Epicor.Mfg.Menu.MES

23. Menu ID = UDMES1 (Menu ID create in step 13)

24. Save and close Process Calling Maintenance

25. Add the process ID you just created in step # 13 as the value for
the MESCustomMenuID node in the
xxx.mfgsys file being referenced by your MES icon

<MESCustomMenuID value="UDMES1" /> This should be listed under the
</appsettings> section. If the icon does not reference mfgsys use the
default.mfgsys found
the ...epicor/client/config directory.

26. Log into 8.0 MES again and you should now see your customization.

Note 1: When first installed you will need to change the xxx.mfgsys file
used by each MES user. You'll find
this file in the config directory of the epicor client folder e.g.

Note 2: In a standard implementation of Vantage the name of the file
being changed is default.mfgsys.
HOWEVER, this can change based on your installation of Vantage. For
example if you are running against a
test or pilot database the file maybe named test.mfgsys or pilot.mfgsys.
You may want to check the port
number of the appserver that MES is using agains the AppServerURL
statement in the default.mfgsys.

Note 3: Be sure to change the one in the Vantage client config directory
stored on the server. This way
when you install a new release of Vantage and the client folders are
updated the modified xxx.mfgsys is

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How do I modify what the user sees when clocking into MES?


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How do I modify what the user sees when clocking into MES?