Vantage 8 Rename Dashboard Column Headers


Is there a way to rename the column headers inside of dashboards in Vantage 8? I have a BAQ that has both Material Part numbers and parent part numbers, but both columns just say ‘Part’ at the column header. I would like to be able to change this so the user can more easily distinguish the columns.

I tried to make a calculated field with just the part number field in it, which i could name, but couldn’t get that to work. Not sure if my syntax is off or if you have to do a calculation inside of there?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!

Open the dashboard in developer mode. Then you can rename the column labels. Don’t have to touch the BAQ. In fact, I strongly suggest NOT changing the BAQ.

Been a while since I was on v8, so not sure if they have both deployable dashboards. If the one you are updating is deployed, you’ll have to re-deploy it to see the changes

For V8 dashboards…
You can open the source BAQ and modify the column names in the “Headings” sheet.
You might want to specify the order of your columns in the “Display” sheet too.

Unfortunately in V8, the column names/order are inherited directly from the BAQ.
It isn’t until E9 that you are allowed to edit column labels in the dashboard.



Thanks Bruce,

This is what i was looking for, i was just not familiar with that Headings tab. Thanks Again!