Vantage 8 to Epicor 10 Conversion, On Premise Tools to Assist?

I’m about to start working on a Vantage 8 to Epicor 10 conversion / upgrade, where at the moment in my head I’m thinking it will be done and live during Easter 2018.

I know that Epicor, working with the guys they absorbed from Dot Net IT etc., have created the Cirrus cloud / hosted upgrade tools for this sitting on top of hosted E9 and E10 virtual machines but have Epicor improved or provided any useful on premise upgrade tools beyond the ‘Analyser’?

I’m not aware of any myself, so unless anyone has any suggestions I’m going to be going Vantage 8 to Epicor 9 then Epicor 9 to Epicor 10 (probably 10.2).


The tooling itself for on-premise hasn’t changed. The basic approach if one wanted to do this themselves can be reviewed in this post.


Thanks :grinning:

Looks like I’ll be setting up another fast RAID 0 array using SSD’s again then for another mass of data conversions in the coming year.