Vantage and Clientele


We purchased Clientele about a month and a half ago with assurances
from our Vantage rep that they were integrated. We were given the
impression that although it was a limited integration it was a done
deal. We now know the truth. We have been trying (with no success) to
get the people at Vantage to make this integration happen. All we get
is some song and dance about how if we just wait until Cairo comes
out there will be more hooks between Clientele and Vantage. That's
all fine and dandy but it's not the premece under which we purchased
the software. We are know at the point that it seems no one will talk
to us. We are at the end of our ropes. If you do decide to get
Clientele and have any luck let us know.

I am seeking information about any integrations/interfaces between Vantage
and Clientele. Clientele is Epicor's CRM software. I know Epicor are
planning an integration, but has anyone attempted, completed or heard of
any integrations?

Jason Wenn
Professional Advantage