Vantage - Epicor 9 Sales Order Entry & Quote Entry Screens

Hi All,

Does anyone know if Epicor 9 has (as standard) the functionality to display line weights and total order/quote weights on the sales order and quote entry screen?

On the S/O Entry screen we need to see the total weight, and the line weight of each part.

Likewise on the Quote Entry screen.

Also, does anyone have any information about the Serial Number Tracking functionality.

I am not interested in the fully tracking function (from start to finish), but I am interested in this part as described in the Epicor 9 summary screen:

“For distributors, a further serial tracking option is the ability to
record serial numbers at the outbound stage only. This option is designed for supply chain users
that need to record what serial numbers are shipped to which customers and when, but do not
want the overhead of having to record the serial numbers as the inventory moves around the
warehouse or between the manufacturing plant and the distribution warehouse.”
If anyone could send screen shots and text from the help files for any of the above it would be hugely appreciated.


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