Vantage Help hanging workstations


I have seen similar, but have not managed to make any additional
correlation to what you have made. My problem does not seem as
frequent, but at the time I was having the most trouble, we were also
having trouble with our Exchange server and it seemed to be related to
there being a problem with Outlook communicating with the exchange
server. I was unable to tie it down any further than that; partially I
am sure do to the fact that we don't use the help that much any more.

Doubt I have been of any help, but at least you are not alone.

PS Outlook 2002 SP2, and Vantage 6.0

Aaron Hoyt

Hittite Microwave Corporation

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We're running Vantage 6.1.
MOST of the time help works OK.

*Occasionally, Vantage help will "hang" the workstation.
I can use ctrl + alt + delete to kill Vantage processes and the
workstaion will then recover.
This appears to be random and is effecting all of our workstations.
We are all Win2K SP4.

The only common thread I've noticed so far is that most of us keep
Outlook open all of the time.
I somehow get a "feeling" there is somehow a connection with this and
help hanging.

Just wondering if anybody else has had Vantage help hang on them.
We are going through our implementation still, so we are accessing the
help screens a LOT.

Bruce Ordway

*Occasionally - meaning that when it happens it is by far the most
inopportune time possible

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