Vantage Menu End User Help

Hello. We are running vantage 8.03.407c. We are re-analyzing our processes in an effort to improve the end user interface experience.

Several users complain that options on the vantage menu are difficult to understand. We have many custom reports and dashboards. We only use two ways to describe the functionality of the dashboard/report. First, we try to make the name as descriptive as possible. Second, we embed descriptive text into the report or dashboard to describe the functionality. Currently, our users open a dashboard and/or report. If the report doesn't display what they want, they try another dashboard/report.

Does anyone have any other creative ways to explain menu options to the end user? Our users would love to see the ability to hover over a menu option and see pop-up text that explains the menu option's logic or purpose. I don't see any options built into the menu maintenance to accomplish this.