Vantage Multiple Site - Survey

Hi All,

I'm curious to see how Vantage has been implemented by the user base with
multiple sites. Do you have multiple Vantage databases? Or, are you running a
single Vantage database with separate Vantage "Companies" or with the Multi
Site Management Module?

If you are running a single database with multiple sites I would be curious to
hear about real world response times from your remote facilities.

Currently, we run all of our sites with a separate Vantage database. We access
each division over a WAN utilizing Terminal Server/Citrix MetaFrame. This has
and still works great for us. However, I wanted to see how other users with
similar organizational structures were utilizing Vantage. Always looking for a
better way....

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services
(909) 273-1282