Vantage scheduling

Mark, what I have a problem with is this: I made changes and accepted them
(from the edit menu). The first thing that I noticed was that the start date
did not change, even though some of the sub-assemblies start date did
change. (These would now be scheduled to start before the "job" start date)I
suppose that I can live with this, but I would like to see the new start
date based on my reschedules. Then, I went in and hit the reschedule button,
to see if this would cause the start date to change, and this wiped out all
my changes, resetting them back to the original dates. AUGHHHH! We make
changes to jobs here constantly, and I certainly do not want to have to
remember every single job that I have manually rescheduled, and put them
back to exactly where I need them. I need these dates to be locked in. An

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Undergoing scheduling implementation here as well, I thought once you
"ACCEPTED CHANGES" under the EDIT drop down, It locked you into the
schedule. Are you saying that this isn't so? Also, I learned that the
schedule load graphs would only allow you to "print screen" one time even if
you go to "previous" or "next" you can only print one at a time, if you
want to print out several, you have to go out of the sch.Graph and back in
EACH time ya want to print.

Pls pass along any tips you discover. Thanks, Mark Wesley 256-835-1660 ex