Vantage Upgrade, Dr Watson error

Happy holidays! While the rest of the company is home, I'm here
upgrading Vantage (from 3.0 to 5.1). I've run into an error that
didn't appear in my earlier trial upgrades and I would like some
While installing Progress 9.0B, I received a Dr Watson Application
Error for jre.exe. Progress appears to have installed completely as I
am currently doing the DB conversions, but whenever I reboot and also
when I shut down the Admin Service for Progress, the Dr Watson error
pops up again.
The server is running NT4 SP6a, and I tried installing MDAC 2.5SP2
but it didn't clear it up.
If anyone has seen this error before and can give me some guidance,
I'd appreciate it.

John Elder
Penn State Tool & Die