Vantahe 9.05.601A on Citrix

I am just wondering if anyone out there is running on Citrix and currently
has or in the past has gotten "Load Report Failed" errors or "Unknown
Database Conector Error; Error in File

I am suspecting that this type of error has something to do with the way
Citrix is setup or the way it uses temp files in the process.

The actual report XML files are getting created correctly and if I go into
the System Monitor I can see the reports there, there is a "system error
occured" message but then I can click on the report, click print preview or
print and the report shows up just fine or prints just fine like it should
have in the first place.

This makes me think it is not an actual epicor problem, and instead would
mean it is a citrix problem instead.

Any ideas or information or experiences would be great.

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