VB to C# conversion utility

I need to update an old customisation and found that the code has been done in VB.
I would quite like to convert it to C#, in line with other customisation work in our Epicor installation.

Has anyone had any success with online or free conversion utilities?

I tried one and the compiled C# code complained about elements being missing such as ( or ; where there wasnt.

Try this one https://converter.telerik.com/ if you do have issues post the code and I am sure this great community will help get you over any hurdles

That is one of the ones i tried, Stephen. The converter program just threw and unhandled exception!

I think it is best now to just hand code the conversion.

I have used that one before, its far from perfect but it is the best I could find.

I remember it throwing an exception for some code I had. I vaguely remember it was caused by certain VB syntax, probably something that has no c# equivalent. If you can figure out what that is you can remove that line and convert the rest.

Maybe try convert half you code, if that doesn’t work half it again and repeat until you can isolate the offending line.


Which version of C# compiler is used by for customisations?
( I believe BPMs use a different version )