VBI Ver. 5

If anyone has upgraded their VBI to ver. 5 and can help I would love to
hear from you. I have been working with tech support for 3 days but they
are sooooo busy I have yet to get this resolved.

Basic setup - after running my initial scheduled query updates data is
visible in all menu areas except quote analysis. I am currently
re-running that particular query (sqy), It is taking hours to run (just
the quote update) so I suspect there may be something wrong.

Client setup - After installing the client on a "client workstation" I
am prompted to Update the user files when I try to log in. I click OK to
the message and the same dialog box comes up with an error icon in it.
Tech support sent me an .ini file to put in my local CorVu directory but
that had no effect.

I am trying desperately to get this in so if anyone can help it would be
much appreciated.

Keith Mailloux

Ferguson Perforating


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