Vendor and Customer is the same Entity: How to offset the transactions

We have a vendor who supplies us parts, but also buys completed units from us. What is an efficient way to “pay” the Accounts Payable Invoice in the form of a Credit Memo to Accounts Receivable for this specific client? Can you assign any Credit Memo to a specific AP Invoice?

Newer versions of Epicor have this feature already. I’m not 100% sure when it was added though.

Ohhh Good to know!

From the start in 10.0.700 we implemented the same customer as a customer, AND as a Vendor. Because they supply us with some materials that go into their products we produce and then we sell them.

@Jason_Woods 10.2.600

@Hogardy It sounds like you still need to set them up as both supplier and customer.

Or am I understanding that wrong?

PS, it is an added module you have to pay for (and we have not).

This is great. Where can I find a tutorial or video that explains this procedure? I have not worked with Epicor very long and am still getting used to it. (spent 10 years with Oracle…)

The help manual is decent. I would start there.