Vendor Payments

Happy Friday folks!

Our purchasing department is asking for a report/dashboard to show how much we’ve paid to a vendor in a certain time period – used as a negotiation tool.

I’m aware of Supplier Tracker → Links → Payments → List that I can then export to Excel and manipulate…

…is that how you would do it too if you needed to get that information? Or is there an easier way?

Because they aren’t currently aware of ANY way to get the information, They are asking for a custom dashboard with a Vendor ID and date range filter to make it easier instead of dumping an entire history of payments out to Excel and going that route. If there isn’t a better option than the above, and I’m required to make a dashboard, would reproducing the BAQ be a relationship of Invoice to Vendor or something like that?

Thanks for any tips.:+1:

I used this BAQ but it is filtered by part class it might get you close and need to adjust for your purpose.
SupplierSpendByPartClass.baq (36.4 KB)