Vendor returns

We are currently running 3.0.632 and do not use the Vendor return management
module "to cumbersome......". We are an OEM machine builder buying a lot of
one of kind none repeating items to the job. Our Vantage consultant
recommended using a generic material component (zz-material) on all jobs to
accommodate these items. We take raw material into stock only. Does anybody
have procedures developed they would be willing to share that address some
of the following: Material purchased to the job and return to the vendor due
to overshipment, incorrect item, defective material,etc.... How do you
handle these on the A/P side to maintain proper job cost? Create a debit and
wait for a matching credit? Zero dollar replacements? receive against a P.O
and zero dollar invoice? We need a standard that we can apply consistently.
Any help getting the accounting folks off my case would be appreciated.

Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg. Co.