Verify Balance - 10.1.400.24

We have determined that our Epicor summary values do not tie out to the aggregation of our Journal Detail records on a per GL, per period basis. To address this, we will need to run verify balance. We’ve tried this and here are our findings / open questions thus far when running in our test environment which has given us great pause. If anyone has had any success with the Verify Balance process in a 10.x environment, feedback would be much appreciated.

1 - Running Verify Balance (in log mode) for Multiple years gives different results than running Verify balance for a single year or single period at a time. Why is this?

2 - Running Verify Balance (in log mode) for Multiple years (2013-2019) took over 12 hours. Breaking this out into smaller chunks (per year or per period) drastically lowered the time to complete to about 30 minutes

3 - Proving the results from the Verify Balance. How can we trust these logs when we are getting different results

4 -Period Balances Detail vs Period Balance Summary vs Daily Balances.

5- Running Verify Balance Records in update mode. With rollover balances (ending period balance and opening period balance), what is best practice regarding fiscal period and year selections? Can we do this 1 period at a time or should we process across multiple period / years?