Very slow zebra printers running crystal report off baq

We are using a crystal report running off a baq to generate product labels with barcodes. The report consists of case when’s to generate upc first then ean then gtin in a hierarchal fashion and only generating one label based off what prodcode is available. Lately the zebras have been taking 45 secs to 1 min to print one label. Any ideas? They are hardwired to the network but I have produced the same result via USB direct connection.

If you run the report alone, like a print preview, is the report taking that long to run?

Or is the printing taking that long?

No. Print preview is mere seconds.

Do you have images on this label or is it just text?

A barcode and text.

have you already tried to update firmware on the zebras?

Yes. There was no noticable change.