Very Weird Case With Jobs

Hey guys, got a weird situation for everyone.

We completed a job a year ago or so that is basically a kit that contains a bunch of different parts. A situation came up where we needed to use one of those parts in the kit on a different job right away. However, since the job has been closed for so long we can’t reopen it and return those materials to issue to the new job.

I know this is messy, I’m curious what people think about it.


You will have to provide more context around this situation. Did a Customer return the part? Is the part sitting in Inventory? Is the part a Sales Kit?

This has been a frequent ask here on the forum with various solutions proposed. There is also an Epicor Idea for it for you want to vote for it.

Ability to disassemble a finished part to put materials back into Inventory| Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

“We can’t” meaning… accounting says no?

Because, I think it’s possible

Really? I have a job that’s been closed for about 10 months, and when I open the entry I don’t see any option to reopen the job to start working in it. What am I missing here?


Job Closing is what closes or re-opens a job.

Ditto if you want to complete or un-complete it.

So, you know, there’s a lot to say there if you are not immersed in finance.

The basic idea is:

  1. Make a job
  2. Issue material to it
  3. Report a quantity somehow (Time [and Expense] Entry or Job Adjustment)
  4. Receive job to inventory (or to another job or ship it… or doing nothing is an option, too if the job crashed and burned)
  5. Complete the job in Job Closing (if not auto-completed)
  6. Close the job in Job Closing (if not auto-closed)
  7. Run Capture COS/WIP
    a. Money does all sorts of magic
  8. Oh crud, we need to return stuff
  9. Un-complete and un-close the job
  10. Return the stuff
  11. Re-complete and re-close
    a. The close date you choose might matter here
  12. Run capture COS/WIP
    a. More money magic

The point there is that at 12a, there will a bunch of monetary activity that could raise an eyebrow. It might even hit in a previous period.

Point is, you might test this first…

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Thank you! I can’t believe I missed the other screen that opens and closes jobs.