View AR Billed Without BAQ

What’s a straightforward way to view total AR billed on a MTD, QTD or YTD basis? Epicare is telling me that this requires a BAQ, but I am finding that hard to believe since it’s such a ubiquitous KPI.

The number of external reports and dashboards required for basic KPIs is hard to believe sometimes…

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Suggest to use GL Tracker or Journal Tracker or GL Detailed/Summary report for the respective AR Receivable account

Please vote on Kinetic Idea # KIN-I-3332 if you agree that commonly used reports like the one I described above should be standard functionality without every company running Kinetic to create their own BAQ’s to do so.

sales gross margin report will get you this info, but i agree there should be a lot more built in dashboards for info like this.

The reason why these don’t exist is because what Me and you think of Gross Margin, or Sales YTD etc varies from company to company to such a degree that it would make whatever comes standard with Epicor the equivalent of random numbers.
I have worked with well over 100 companies at this point my career and I can tell you nobody calculates stuff the same nobody wants to count everything towards the “right” buckets it is a god dammed nightmare.

So while I understand the request if you can come up with a universal formula that will fit for everyone I’m sure you can write your own check for whatever data job you’d like.
And yes I know there is a standard formula for Gross Margin but again what works on paper isn’t reality for most businesses.

If you install Data Discovery it does come with a few handful of standard KPIs you can tweak via BAQs though if that’s what you really want.


Why are you against using a BAQ? As @josecgomez says no company I’ve worked for uses the same criteria for Gross Martin, Sales *TD, etc. So we’ve always done in with a BAQ for Dashboards and reports.