View Ship To Email, Phone on Customer Shipment Entry Form

Hi, everyone.

How can I display an Order’s Ship To Email address and Phone number fields (Read Only) on the Customer Shipment Entry form? I tried the Foreign Multi Key View feature, but there isn’t a link to the ShipTo table, so maybe that’s not the right approach to take.

Any guidance will be much appreciated!

You need to use the FKV to Customer, then the MultiKey to the ShipTo Table. But you need the customer FKV first.

Thank you, Jose!

Hi Justen
Did your solution require any custom coding or was it all set up in the Custom Data Dialog screen? If so, could you post a picture of your Custom Dialog Box which details the FKV to Customer and FMKV to Ship To table? I’m trying to do the exact same thing and this is all new to me.


I’m so sorry, but I don’t have access to that anymore and I truly don’t remember how we had it all configured. We were building that customization (as part of a larger project) in our Test Environment and our CFO ended up scrapping the whole thing before it made it to Live. Since then, our Test environment has been overwritten several times.