Viewing Attached File in Kinetic

Does anyone know how to view a file in Kinetic?

I have done this on a dashboard and even imbedded it on a job and MES.
with some help from @Banderson

I have tried the WEB Widget and Picture - but couldn’t get it to work.


The URL link is

JobAttachments.dbd (134.3 KB)

Job Attached files.pdf (256.4 KB)

From a security perspective, I’m not a big fan of using file shares for attachments. It certainly won’t be supported directly in the browser. I think @Rich mentioned that in a future release of the Edge (no relation) Agent will provide this again.

Another option is to set up a web server and update your links.

@Mark_Wonsil - Could we pull in the image from a Sharepoint?

Why I am looking at this, is because Kinetic doesn’t have a view option for attachments.
You download an attachment if you want to view it.
As my GIF shows, you can look at a lot of files quickly without having to download them.

You should be able to pull the file from any web service. The dashboard above is the Classic UI, did you have a Kinetic version using the web widget?

@LarsonSolutions even for DocStar?

(I’m not on Kinetic yet, nor have I fully tested this issue.)

In talking to some folks at Epicor, the simple explanation was that the design is that the ECM docs are really URL requests; and once you are in the browser, it and the OS take over when the call to that URL is made. (ERP doesn’t house the file, only a portion of the URL which is combined with the ECM server settings to get a full URL)

File transfer in a browser is controlled (for security) by all the things we have installed/configured in our browsers - blockers, anti-spam, corporate MDM restrictions, etc. but mostly the file-type associations with the viewer apps - you can attach anything in ECM, but can you view it? ERP can’t have all those formats/viewers in it’s embedded browser, so the external processing makes sense.

Kinetic would have to be able to intercept and spawn the correct viewer independently of the browser - is this even possible?

I’m not sure about creating attachments because that involves the file transfer and server-to-server connection/authentication in order to send a document to ECM but I assume that works OK in Kinetic although I’ve not tested it.

@Mark_Wonsil - I tried the web widget - and a number of approaches to display the local file.
I went to my browser and entered in the URL “file:///C:/DropFolderTemp/Assembly.jpg” and saw the jpg.

Not sure about DocStar - looking for the basic solution that is working so well in Classic.
Really don’t want to go back to classic to get the same functionality - looking to using only Kinetic.

That’s correct. The trouble comes when mixing file:// with non file:// protocols.

Restrictions on File Urls – text/plain (

@LarsonSolutions , We managed to find a workaround for this.

We created a virtual directory on our Kinetic sever to point at our file server, thus giving the file sever attachment a internal http address. Virtual Directory MS Link

Thereafter we created a quick function to replace the root directory path with our virtual directory path before the open widget to redirect to the VD http file path.


I try this but, I have got error “the URL is invalid”.