Vista 803 Admin Tools

I had a 3rd party move my vista environment, but I am getting an error in that I have fixed before using one of the scripts in the Vista 803 Admin Tools but I am getting an error “Unable to open parameter file”

Anyone have any pointers they could give me to figure out how to fix it?

John Simpatico

Are you using a Progress DB?

Do you have access to the script and can see if maybe one of the lines references a resource (computer name, path, etc…) that your prior system used, but now needs to be tweaked for the new location?

Just checking -
Does the error pop up when you try to launch admin tools or when you try to run the script (conversion)?

Thank you for your responses but I was on the road yesterday and the vendor fixed the admin tools for us.

I really appreciate your help

Anyone know a 3rd party Epicor803 vendor I could contact?