Vista 803 - Change Database name

Is it possible to change a database name? I have migrated an existing install to a new server but I want to change the database name back to the original that was on the old server, b/c I am getting reports prompting the users for authentication to the database.

Is this possible and if so how?

Thanks for your help


A few questions

Is the V8 client application is working otherwise?
Progress or SQL database?
If Custom Crystal reports only - is it possible something to do with ODBC, still using the old server/credentials?

Yes everything else is working well.
Progress and it is only the custom crystal reports, the issue is when i open the reports to change the server location I keep getting errors saying that fields are missing and if I save them, the reports do not run correctly. If the users enter the information into the diaglog the reports run correctly. I am just trying to resolve that issue


Whenever I have moved V8/Progress to a new server then on each client I do the following

  • Run NetSetup
    (should be located on the new server, path something like this… \Epicor\oe101b\NetSetup\Setup.exe )
  • Repair/Rebuild your ODBC drivers and DSNs on each client
    which I usually I do via the registry - attached a zip file has some sample .reg files that might give you an idea where to look
    and there used to be examples on EpicWeb too but… that was a loooong time ago.
    Sample V8 ODBC registry (2.0 KB)

Thank you for your response. I guess the customer will just have to deal with the extra login dialog
I didnt think there was an easy way but I atleast wanted to be able to tell my customer that I did all of my due diligence.


Where I was assuming these are custom reports using ODBC…
Getting ODBC running on the first workstation is (usually) the hardest part ( NetSetup and the DSN ). Can burn up a couple hours. But after that it’s just repeating the steps on the other workstations.
BTW, forgot to mention the ODBC driver for OpenEdge is 32 bit … remember to use %systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64\odbcad32.exe

Now I wonder if it is ANY custom report, not just those using ODBC?
i.e. if it is possible something even simpler like permissions on the …\epicor\mfgsys folder And if it it shared - the client can access the XML data files, etc…