Visual SQL Query Application Similar to BAQ Designer in Epicor

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here know of an application that is similar to Business Activity Query Designer in Epicor, where you can create queries with visual assistance.

I am so used to using BAQ Designer in Epicor creating many subqueries, adding the criteria, create calculated fields, managing display fields etc., and I wanted to see if there is a tool free or paid that is as advanced, which can create SQL query phrases like BAQ Designer does.

We are migrating from Epicor to J.D. Edwards so I will deeply miss the Business Activity Query Designer in Epicor. :face_exhaling:

Thank you !


Sounds like this tool can do a lot of similar stuff (I have no experience with it though)

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Navicat. Yeah, it will let you create queries visually, but that is a tiny part of its functionality. Extremely powerful and flexible tool.

I have found that when I don’t feel like making sure of all of the correct syntax on a query I can use SQL Server Management studio and build a view… it will build the SQL query - you don’t need to save it as a view, but it has a graphic user interface and seems to work pretty well.